Chailease Holdings sees ESG issues a key strategy for sustainable development. Corporate Social Responsibility also drives our business to innovate products and services.

On the path to energy transition, Chailease Holdings has looked to create a new niche for our business by moving from providing energy-saving equipment services to small and medium-sized enterprise customers, and financing solar power plants, towards investing in solar power plants. From the generation, sale and storage of solar power generated across the solar energy industry to diversified green energy, such as small hydropower and geothermal energy, we are deepening our green energy business. In addition to the development of clean energy, we are also developing a Cradle to Cradle concept. We hope working with strategic partners to upcycle solar panels will help return materials to the industrial cycle so that these materials may be recycled or reused.

Environmental sustainability is the basis for a commitment to climate goals and actions at Chailease Holdings that mitigate the impact of climate change. We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations on the environment in everything from inventory and reduction to improving energy efficiency. Company vehicles will gradually be replaced with low-pollution or more efficient energy conversion vehicles such as hybrid vehicles. In response to policy that gives renewable energy broader flexibility by opening up the sale of power generated in the renewable energy industry, green electricity purchased by Chailease Holdings now accounts for 15% of all office locations in Taiwan. Our goal of using 100% renewable electricity has been advanced to 2030.

Chailase Holdings followed the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) methodology to take stock of the total greenhouse gas emissions of its own investment and financing portfolio. The disclosure ratio has exceeded 70% and we plan to gradually adjust the Company asset portfolio to assist clients in high-carbon emission industries to transform their businesses. We plan to reduce their emissions percentage to 15% by 2030 in order to gradually reduce emissions across the overall Company investment and financing portfolio.

Chailase Holdings has used our influence to encourage customers to take sustainable actions, and has also promoted these efforts to upstream and downstream industries. The Company cooperates with financial institutions to guide the use of capital for renewable energy and the development of green energy, with a cumulative total of over NT$100 billion, and invites suppliers to fulfill their commitments to achieve good ethical standards, respect for labor and human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Chailease Holdings looks to company development goals as the foundation to cultivate talent in conjunction with the personal growth and professional development plans of our employees. We've also initiated the Digital Empowerment Program in response to development trends in financial technology. Expanding implementation of the Shareholding Trust System takes care of employees by allocating 100% of additional incentive funds to purchase company shares for employees, so that they too may share in the fruits of our operations, and further provide initial funds for family planning, emergency relief and retirement savings to assist employees with financial planning.

Chailease Holdings promotes community development with a focus on "career-appropriate development". The Chailease Youth Vision Foundation was established in 2014 to help children and youth explore career paths. The Chailease Corporate Badminton Team established in 2015 supports the development of the sport and enhances the strength of global athletes including 12 players who now rank among the top 100 in the world. We look forward to them representing us at the Olympic Games in the future.

In accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Management Committee was established under the Board of Directors of Chailease Holdings.

In 2023, an ESG Executive Committee consisting of independent directors and senior executives was incorporated into the Functional Committee, striving to connect ESG issues at the highest levels of industry and incorporate them into our Company Management Strategy. Qualitative indicators were also established to evaluate sustainability.

We are committed to thorough implementation of environmental sustainability, corporate governance and social responsibility that begins with us.

Chailease Holdings endeavors to promote sustainable development and has been selected as a constituent stock of the DJSI World Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Emerging Markets Index three times, as well as a bronze medalist in S&P Global's Sustainability Yearbook 2022.

The Company has also been selected as a constituent of the MSCI Global Sustainability Index and a constituent of the FTSE4Good Index in Taiwan.

Going forward, Chailease Holdings will continue to refine and improve as we move towards the goal of sustainable operations and a net-zero transition.