In addition to refining its leasing business, Chailease is committed to devoting resources into CSR efforts and executes CSR tasks in accordance with “Corporate Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles”. Chailease endeavors to exercise corporate governance, develop a sustainable environment, and preserve public welfare, and enhance disclosure of corporate sustainable development information. Our business philosophy is continuing to exert positive influences on the society and environment as we strive to achieve continuous business development.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations released 17 "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) and 169 individual targets. This established a clear vision for sustainable development and best practices toward it, bringing together the power of the world's peoples to move toward the goals of eradicating poverty, resolving inequity and adapting to climate change before 2030.

In response to the 2010 UN sustainable development goals, Chailease started from its core business, deepening its attention and investing more resources. This included working for gender equality for employees within the company, employee health and welfare, encouraging employment and economic growth and affordable energy. Product services were extended to responsible consumption and production and climate actions, supporting poverty eradication and reduction in inequality outside the company.

In 2018, Chailease formulated the Organizing Rules of the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee along with the Chailease Human Rights Policy. In addition to strengthening corporate governance, fulfilling our corporate social responsibility and pursuing sustainable operations, Chailease and our subsidiaries are committed to upholding our employees’ fundamental human rights, complying with labor laws, and safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of employees. Including those set out in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, UN ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

In order to eliminate all forms of gender discrimination within the Group and build a gender-friendly workplace, Chailease strictly observes all labor laws in areas where the company operates. Including (but are not limited to) the Republic of China Employment Service Act, Labor Standards Act, Act of Gender Equality in Employment, Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, and Occupational Safety and Health Act. We have also established a set of effective related management methods and procedures. Chailease has been holding sexual harassment prevention training sessions since 2018 and produced video education materials to provide to all new and existing employees.

Sustainable Action Proposal Competition

In order to encourage employees to stimulate good ideas related to the company's ESG and inspire colleagues to explore various possibilities, the "Sustainable Action Proposal Competition" has been held in 2021. For reinvent the company's sustainable culture and strengthen employees' awareness of sustainable development. The cognition of value and SDGs action continues to extend the influence of common good. After analysis, the content of the proposal in 2021 is based on team, in order to meet the company's goals, vision, core competencies and other aspects of the proposal. In 2022, it focus more on improving employees' personal attention and understanding of SDGs issues, and implement to everyday life.

Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee

Chailease set up the Corporate Governance and Ethics Committee in 2016, two years after establishing the CSR Committee in 2014. Oversight over the past few years has brought significant progress and benefits. To meet external legal requirements and additional needs discovered during this oversight, in 2018 the Company moved the Corporate Governance and Ethics Committee up the organizational hierarchy directly under the board of directors and renamed it the Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”). The Corporate Governance Team and the ESG Team were established under the Committee in 2020. In order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, improve effectiveness of corporate governance efforts and to achieve integrity management, results of this implementation are reported to the board at least once each year so that sustainable development becomes part of the fabric of company business strategy. In 2023, the ESG team upgraded to the ESG Executive Committee, which consists of independent directors and senior managements.

Under the committee members, there are five groups that encompass important dimensions of corporate social responsibility. Responsibility is divided among 12 of the company’s business units and the teams consist of 25 executives and employees in total. The Committee submitted two written reports in respect of implementation of the corporate social responsibility and corporate governance work plans to the Committee in 2021 and 2022 respectively. The reports departments provided reports and had discussions relating to the corporate social responsibility issues, which were resolved by the Committee and executed by the related departments accordingly. Annual Report of the Committee was submitted to Board in August 2022.

Chailease Holding and its subsidairies are continuing to promote the sustainable development of the economy, society and environment in diversified way and incorporate it into the company's management and operations as we strive to achieve continuous business development. The spirit and implementation of the sustainable development policy are based on the corporate philosophy of “value, growth, trust, and discipline”, and are further deepened into “corporate governance—implementing sustainable management”, “customer service—value innovation, creating a win-win situation” , “employee care—lifelong learning and encourage growth”, “environmental protection—conserve energy to reduce carbon emission and promote green energy”, “social participation—charity and contribute to society”.