In 1977, our first operating entity, China Leasing Company Limited, commenced business in Taiwan. In addition to traditional leasing, installment sales and factoring services, the company successfully developed new financial products to cope with SMEs' funding needs for their diverse business development. Including heavy vehicle and automobile financing, construction equipment financing, fishery inventory financing, micro-enterprises financing, non-performing assets auction, real estate financing, office equipment leasing, medical equipment financing, car rentals, ESCO financing and services, solar power plant financing and investment, inventory financing (including cross-border), aircraft and ship financing, gasoline wholesale business, and insurance brokerage. We currently have operations in Taiwan, PRC, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Chailease Holding continued to rely on product and service innovation to maintain its lead position in Taiwan’s financial leasing market with earnings hitting new records each year. Our management strategy centers on the unique SMEs finance model as core competence. We has been devoted to the development of the SMEs credit business, established the risk assessment mechanism for SMEs, and granted several business method patents on above fields.

Club Organization and External Exchanges

Chailease Holding is entrenched as the leader in the leasing business in Taiwan. The key factors behind the company's success are its unique core competitiveness and its model of cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises. For many years, Chailease Holding has considered the needs and standpoints of its customers, continuously developing new products and providing new services. It has also actively thrown itself into various union and association activities, in the hopes of contributing to social and economic development and environmental protection.

The company has taken the lead in joining international organizations such as the Asian Financial Service Association (AFSA). Since its establishment to provide customers with international quality, professional service and continuously absorbs the latest knowledge and technology from financial related business to maintain our professional advantage among competitors. Meanwhile, we founded the Taipei Leasing Association to provide a platform for members to exchange ideas, knowledge, experience and information, all of which will be of mutual benefits to the parties concerned.

Organizations Related to Environmental Protection and Green Energy

In coordination with the policy of the Bureau of Energy of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Chailease's own strategy for long-term development of energy services, Chailease has actively participated in energy-related organizations such as TESA, TAESCO, PVGSA and TPVIA, and through exchanges of information with members about case studies. Chailease has raised the quality of its energy technology services and opened up new business opportunities in the energy market, in the hopes of conserving energy and reducing carbon emission, as well as making a contribution in the field of energy management.

We also co-hosted the ”2023 Sustainability Trends Summit 2023” with Business Weekly to help Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) turn green, focus on strategic thinking transformation, and strengthen their sustainable competitiveness. The event invited officials from the Executive Yuan, the Taiwan Stock Exchange and the Research and Development Committee of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote net-zero transformation, promote sustainable industrial transformation, and further guide the formation of a low-carbon society and an industrial culture with a circular economy as the mainstream.

Chailease Holding's vision is to become the "The Best Financial Services Company in the Asia Pacific Area". The company is committed to being "A Supporting Partner of Our Customers, A Driving Force of Economic Success ", and continually seeks "value, growth, trust, and discipline" in its corporate culture.

We constantly strive to for growth in "quality" and "quantity" within the company. Our niche market is small and medium-sized enterprises, for whom we provide diversified products and services, satisfying their needs. Starting from traditional leasing installment services, the company has developed many and diversified commercial products. In addition to traditional leasing, installment payments and accounts receivable services, the company has expanded into heavy vehicle financing, passenger vehicle financing, fishing commodity financing, micro-business financing, real estate financing, automobile leasing, energy conservation project financing, stock financing, and insurance agency.