Chailease's mission is to "become a partner in success with our customers and a driver of economic development." The company has long supported and accompanied the growth of many SMEs, and since the establishment of the Chailease Foundation in September 2004, we have viewed "career-adapted development" as the main axis of service, while also striving to be "a good friend to accompany the career growth of children and young". We want to assist youth prior to their entry into the workplace, as is our corporate mission.

Since its establishment, the Chailease Foundation has progressively transformed its service experience and achievements over the years to develop innovative programs. The four pillars of our strategic approach---Career Exploration, Exceptional Athlete Training, Community Service, and Campus Grants---identify quality education, employment and economic growth, sustainable cities and poverty eradication projects is in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and proposes gradually development of innovative solutions.

Chailease refers to the London Benchmark Group's Corporate Community Investment calculation framework to effectively quantify the benefits of investment in social participation. The company keeps statistics on public welfare expenditures, funding of public welfare activities, and use of funds, to evaluate the human, material and financial resources invested by Chailease in social integration activities.

Based on the association's vision for service, Chailease helps children and teens to develop expertise and plan a good career path. The company provides a variety of events that help many different people to explore their career paths, assisting children and young people in exploring their interests, and encouraging those interests. Through participation in various events, young people can accumulate varied experiences and develop a positive concept for their careers, laying a good foundation for their future work lives.

Career Exploration for Children & Teens

●Mataisah Scholarship Program at Luo Fu Senior High School

The Chailease Foundation has worked closely with Jieshou Junior High School in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City since its founding. The remote location means the students lead simple lives, and this can limit their ideas about future careers. Therefore, the Chailease Foundation has invested a variety of resources over the years from healthy lunches, sponsorship of various clubs, and career experience camps to the construction of hardware facilities and in-kind donations etc. All of these projects are evaluated and submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

However, because Jieshou Junior High School is located on the slope of Jiaoban Mountain, there have been long-standing concerns about potential landslides. As such, the school was merged into the new junior high school established at Luofu Senior High School in August 2021. The original plans of the Foundation for Jieshou Junior High School will be re-evaluated according to the characteristics and needs of specific Food and Beverage and Tourism programs at Loufu Junior High School. Some of the plans will be honored at Luofu Junior High School upon further discussion with school officials.

“Food & Beverage and Tourism Entrepreneurs”: A One-Day Corporate Experience Camp

The Chailease Foundation will combine the Corporate Experience resources of Yellowstone Holding Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Chailease Holdings, to give students who wish to enter the Food & Beverage and Tourism & Leisure industries the opportunity to visit and experience life at the Park City Hotel. Prior to 2022, this service was primarily oriented towards students at trade schools. However, after re-evaluating the actual benefits of the experience, the Foundation adjusted the program to be geared towards students in Tourism and Food & Beverage programs at local vocational schools. This is more appropriate for the future career development path of the students and is also in line with the larger demands of various companies.

Career Exploration for College Students

●One-Day Corporate Experience Camp

By combining the resources of Chailease Holdings, a subsidiary of the Chailease Corporation, we hold a one-day corporate experience camp for students from business management departments in colleges and universities throughout Taiwan. Through professional courses on leasing, financial reporting, and analysis of social trends, young people are able to experience the actual atmosphere of the workplace and have the opportunity to apply for internships. Through this activity, we hope that young graduates will learn more about the leasing industry, which is less emphasized in schools, and have more options for their careers. For the Company, this represents the opportunity to find future talents of the leasing industry.

●Sponsorship for Service Club in College- Chailease Charity Association Community Sponsorship Program

"The Chailease Charity Association Community Sponsorship Program" has been an ongoing program since the inception of the Foundation, so as to encourage young people to participate in society and make a positive impact. The program also serves to expand the scope of services provided by the Chailease Foundation and the service beneficiaries thereof. Sponsorship is geared towards student organizations in the "social service" category to benefit children, teens and schoolchildren in Taiwan.

In addition, the Foundation especially plans to hold an "evaluation session" to extend the benefits of these programs and to further develop ties between the Chailease Foundation, Chailease Holdings, and student organizations.Student organizations that have passed the first stage of evolution will be invited to present on stage and this presentation will be used as the basis for the second stage of the evaluation. Courses on the growth of student organizations will also be arranged so that professional lecturers can guide students to acquire additional extracurricular knowledge that can be applied to our service programs.

Career Exploration for Athletes

From Athletics to Careers: Looking Ahead

Chailease Holdings established a badminton team in 2015 under the assisted supervision of the Chailease Foundation. The team has received an excellent report card since its establishment; however, at the same time, they have also faced problems during the transition from the youth to junior level. Some of the players have sustained permanent sports injuries in competitions or practices, while others may have reached the prime of their career, but their strong athletic performance has not proven to be exceptional. As such, the team has started to consider the issue of post-retirement careers.

The Foundation continues to pay attention to issues related to post-retirement career development of our athletes while supporting the development of the players on the Chailease badminton team. Since 2022, the Foundation has gradually allocated existing career exploration resources to athletes in different fields. The goal is to provide athletes in Taiwan with more diverse and comprehensive post-retirement career plans, and to equip them with the advantages and abilities necessary to enter different careers in the future.


Since 2015, the Chailease Foundation has been promoting corporate volunteer services in order to extend the impacts of added-value in the careers of our corporate colleagues. The "愛'm Ready Volunteer Club" was established in accordance with the "Related Rights and Responsibilities of the Chailease Foundation Volunteer Program". The club calls on employees at the Company who are willing to volunteer to serve as long-term volunteers at the Chailease Foundation in support of small and medium-sized social welfare organizations that take specific steps to spread warmth across every corner of society. It also adds a different perspective and diversified development to our employees' career.

"愛'm ready" replaces the English word "I" with the Chinese character「愛」 "love" to refer to volunteers' spontaneous participation in volunteer services based on love, and their loving and caring contributions to society. Moreover, the spirit of "I'm ready", means that each volunteer is ready to provide effective and quality service to each social welfare organization before taking action.

Participation Mechanism

Volunteer Benefits and Incentives

The Company provides employees with 3 days of paid volunteer leave and meal reimbursements during the volunteer service period to encourage employees to actively participate in volunteer services. The top ten volunteers are awarded with medals at the end of the year or during the annual meeting of the Company. In addition, we also organize regular volunteer appreciation dinners to encourage our volunteers and strengthen emotional bonds. This is all to better motivate employees to participate in social services.

Service Achievements

A total of 30 volunteer events were held in 2022. 15 events were self-initiated by corporate colleagues. 1,690 volunteers accumulated 5,408 service hours, with an average of 3.2 service hours per person. The “愛’m ready Volunteer Club" has worked with 52 service organizations since inception, and 5,352 volunteers have accumulated 20,682 service hours.

The President of the Chailease Foundation became aware of the current situation and difficulties associated with the development of badminton in Taiwan following a chance encounter with professional badminton coaches. Having seen the gap in resources available to nurture young athletes, he established the "Chailease Badminton Team" in 2015. Initially, the team focused on training young players in junior and senior high school, and the Chailease Sunshine Badminton Complex was built in 2018 to serve as a training ground for these athletes.

The Chailease Badminton Team currently has coaching relationships with Taipei Xihu Junior High School, Tatung High School, the Taipei City University; and Ren De Junior High School and National Hsin-feng Senior High School in Tainan to provide systematic and professional training. There are 40 players as of the end of 2022. We are currently experiencing a lack of software and hardware following a steady increase in the number of players since the team was established seven years ago. Therefore, the team has started to reduce the enrollment of junior and senior high school players in recent years, and focuses on cultivating seed players that have already been recruited. We are also looking for a facility that can provide enough space and equipment to improve the training environment for our athletes.

●Athlete Development

The coaching team evaluates player performance annually. If a player achieves the performance level specified in the contract, the player will be offered the opportunity to become a regular employee of the Company with salary and benefits equivalent to those of regular employees of the Company. As of the end of 2022, 13 players have been hired as regular employees. When a player retires, the Chailease Foundation will have a meeting with the Human Resources Department at the Company and arrange for the player to join a team that matches their character and expertise.

In addition, in order to enhance the overall disposition of our players, the Foundation will arrange career-related activities and encourage players to pursue a degree through higher education to facilitate post-retirement career planning. Two events were held in 2022 on "Career Exploration" and "Baking for Stress". A total of 43 participants expressed an overall average satisfaction rating of 96.4 points.

●Competition Results

In 2022, the Chailease Badminton Team participated in "First and Second Ranking Tournaments", "The National High School Games", "Junior Age Group Tournaments", etc. Besides domestic tournaments, the team also participated in various international tournaments, including "The Super 750 Series French Open", "The Super 750 Series Danish Open", and "The Super 500 Series Singapore Open"; "The Poland International Challenge", "The Austria International Series", and "The Bulgarian Future Series", etc. This year, the team participated in a total of 45 domestic and international competitions, winning 46 gold medals, 32 silver medals and 45 bronze medals.

●Give Back to Society-Chailease Sunshine Vitality Camp

 The Chairman of the Chailease Foundation hopes that members of the Chailease Badminton Team will excel not only on the playing field in professional sports, but also in cultivating a healthy personality by following the example of Chailease Holdings and the Chailease Foundation to give back to the community by using what they have learned to demonstrate the concept of public service.

Therefore, the "Chailease Sunshine Vitality Camp" was created by the Chailease Badminton Team in response to this initiative. We hope that coaches and players can come together to teach more children to appreciate the beauty and power of badminton. The camp helps to spark an interest in learning to play badminton, pass on the experience of professional badminton players in Taiwan, and thoroughly implements the corporate social responsibility of Chailease. Four events have been held since inception in 2018 to the camp in 2022. In 2022, the team worked with the Eden Foundation to offer the program to school children in remote areas of Pingtung. The camp is an opportunity to expose them to multiple stimuli that will help to develop their future careers. In 2022, a total of 60 students participated in the program. The average satisfaction rating was 95.5 points.

Diverse Pro Bono Career Sponsorship Program

Besides "Career Exploration", "Athletic Talent" and "Corporate Volunteers", the Foundation also sponsors a series of multidisciplinary creative organizations in partnership with corporate groups. The goal is to cultivate useful talents for our country and society, and encourage students to nurture their gifts and strengths, unleash their potential, and build diversified human resources for remote villages. In 2022, a total of NT$200,000 was granted to the Diversified Career Development Program at Luofu Junior High School in Fuxing District, Taoyuan City, expected to benefit a total of 280 students; and NT$200,000 was granted to the soccer program at Qiao Ai Elementary School, expected to benefit a total of 37 students.

「Chailease FUN」Employee Life Lectures

In order to enhance the positive thinking of corporate employees, relieve work and life stress, and achieve flexibility and balance between family, career and life, as well as ensure the health and well-being of our employees, the Chailease Foundation plans to hold a life lecture once every quarter. One in the head office once every three months, and one in the central and southern branches at the beginning of the year. Topics include: life aesthetics, beauty and fashion, travel, health and wellness, arts and culture, etc. A total of 3 lectures were held in 2022 in the form of remote instruction or online activities due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The topics were mosaic lamp collages, alcoholic ink and fluid painting, and wooden window coasters. 347 people participated in the lectures, and the average satisfaction rate was 93 points.

Believe in Reading: Creating A New Generation Together" Action Plan

In response to the "Believe in Reading: Creating A New Generation Together" public service book drive initiated by Commonwealth Publishing Group, Chailease Holdings participated in the purchase of 100 carefully selected, interdisciplinary classic books that will never fall off the shelves and, together with the Chailease Foundation, sent good books to high schools in remote areas and outlying islands of Taiwan (including Taipei Municipal Tatong High School, Luofu Junior High School in Taoyuan, Taichung Municipal Dongshih Industrial High School, Hsin-feng Senior High School in Tainan, and Magong Senior High School in Penghu) in hopes of passing shared values through generations.

Overseas Locations

Mainland China